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General questions

All you need to know about Saydo Parks

Are there homes for rent on saydo park?

No, all of the homes are privately owned and rental is not allowed, if you own a home on Saydo Park family and friends can use it.

Is Saydo Park open all year round?

Yes, if you choose to live here Saydo Park is legally classed as residential. Approximately 70% of our owners live here.

Is public transport available?

The bus stops outside the hotel will take you to Mollina Village or Antequera town bus station.

Pop into the onsite office for bus times.

What support is available?

The sales office is open Monday to Friday 10.00am to 2.00pm (Spanish time), so if you have any worries, queries or questions we are here to help.

How can I calculate the 90/180 day rule now the UK has left the EU?

Just enter the simple information asked for in the link below to the calendar, put the entry and exit date of your visits to the Schengen Area, in chronological order.

The calculator will then show to you the remaining number of days that you can stay in the Schengen zone.

click HERE to view the calculator

Living at Saydo Parks

All you need to know once you move in

Do you allow pets?

Yes, but please contact the park to let us know, all animals must be vaccinated, chipped and spade, maximum of one pet per home. You can read all the park rules on this link

Can we still live in Spain all year now the UK has left the EU?

Yes, you can move permanently to live in Spain post Brexit. The requirements are different now, so we are working with a large Spanish Law firm that can give you all the correct advice and information. They have prepared a brief information sheet for Saydo Clients that can be viewed by clicking here. The information was correct as of the 8th July 2021.

We worry about what to do if we need a Doctor.

UK state pensioners or those in receipt of a long-term sickness benefit can register for healthcare in Spain by applying for an S1 (E121) form from the International Pension Centre (IPC) in Newcastle by calling on (+44) 191 218 7777. The form can usually take a few months to be sent to your Spanish address so it is highly recommendable to apply for it before moving to Spain. If any of your family members need to receive healthcare as your dependent because they may not be entitled to any healthcare cover in Spain in their own right, then they will also need to apply for a separate S1 form as your dependent.

Once you have received the S1 form, you will need to register it at the nearest Spanish social security office (Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social -INSS).

The S1 gives you the same medical cover in Spain as a Spanish national under the Spanish state-run health scheme. This cover may not be the same as you would expect to receive on the NHS in the UK so you may have to pay for some treatments or services and some social services may not be available.

A dependent on a family member working and living in the UK can also request an S1 (E109) form from Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) by calling on (+44) 191 2037 010 to register at the Spanish social security office (INSS) for state-run healthcare cover.

Until you are covered by your S1 form, an E111 card will cover you in an emergency.

We worry that being in a foreign country and not speaking the language we will not understand our rights.

Once you have purchased your home our Town Hall offers a Free translator service and Miriam will happily help with any questions or assistance you need at the local Doctors. We ask all owners to complete an “owners” information sheet advising of next of kin and any medication you may be taking.

Purchase questions

All you need to know about buying a property at Saydo Parks

How do we purchase a new home?

You can contact us direct by telephoning +34 635 576 664

Alternatively you can use our Contact Page.

What happens when I buy?

We are here to make life easy for you. Once you have decided to purchase a home, we can deal with all the paperwork for you. We have Spanish Lawyers that work with the park and can help with your Spanish residencia, help you open a bank account and register you and your home at the local town hall.

You are in safe hands!

How much is Ground Rent?

Ground Rents vary around the park depending on the size of the plot, they start from as little as 2,901,67€ to 5.739,38€ per annum. All the resale homes listed on our website, show the relevant ground rent.

Amenities and more

Making your life easier

How do I pay electricity, water and gas?

Electricity is metered, payable monthly at the Hotel Reception.

Water is metered, payable every 2 months at the Hotel Reception.

Gas bottles are delivered to your door every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Is internet available?

At Saydo Park the fibre optic internet starts from 19,90€ per month for 50mbps and speeds are available up to 600mbps

Can I have postal services?

We collect your post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from the local post office, it is then delivered to your door. Should you be away at any time, inform the delivery couple and they will keep it safe for you.

What about insurance?

We work very closely with GES Seguros who will quote for your car and home insurance, their prices are very competitive. They can give home quotes, car insurance quotes within a few hours.


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